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About us



LAZOTEEIN for development and Investment Company was established in 2006 as a leader company in electromechanical field. Since that time lazoteein has grown to become one of the well known distributers of engine driven generators, welders, air compressors, engines, and water pumps.

LAZOTEEIN activities have expanded to include huge electrical projects such as importing and erecting indoor substations 33/11KV and executing electrical networks all over Sudan. LAZOTEEIN's expanding products also include Transformers, Power cables, and all accessories needed in integrated electrical networks.
LAZOTEEIN greatly enhances the quality of its products and services by supporting its customers with the required spare parts and complete after sale service for all its products.

The main objective:
• Financing and service supplying to electrical projects and power solution of its customers.
• Provide high quality products to the customers who care about the quality.

Lazoteein reputable products and highly skilled engineers, technicians, and sales team are well organized to pay our customers attention toward our offer, because of both quality of the products & satisfaction achieved through our services.

Lazoteein offers the following products and services:
• Engine-driven generating sets
• Engine-driven welding machines.
• Engine-driven air compressors.
• Water pumps.
• Solar energy solutions.
• Fuel dispensers.
• Motorcycles.
• Power cables.
• Medium & low voltage electrical networks projects.

Lazoteein provides a wide range of generating sets from DENYO and ROBIN ranging from 2KVA up to 2000 KVA. In this field we grant our customers with both presales and after sales services, as our technical and logistic support starts from offering load calculation to recommend the suitable solution and size for the customer needs, installation (both civil & electromechanical service), operation and testing, and ends by continuous repair and maintenance.
In the field of construction, petroleum, or any other application in which welding job is necessary, we are offering DENYO diesel welding sets to cover up to 500A capacity. DENYO welder model DAW-500S is now participating effectively in building the petroleum pipeline network around the country.
DENYO air compressor also is one of our solutions to serve compressed air applications.
Beside the portable generators, Lazoteein also is the exclusive distributer for ROBIN water pumps and Engines. ROBIN water pumps, due to its efficiency and economical performance, have now become the most preferred brand in the market for all water suction applications.
LORENTZ, as one of our partners, is specialized in solar-operated pump systems and considered one of the leading manufacturers in the field. LORENTZ provides solar water pump systems, solar tracking systems and photovoltaic modules as well as all related hydraulic and electronic components.
Lazoteein also is the sole distributer for REALTECH fuel dispenser, which is a leading supplier in the petroleum equipment line from China, with over 20 years' history. REALTECH, a professional producer

of gas station equipment, offers customers a complete line of fuel dispensers and pumps, management
systems, IC card retail automation systems, tank gauging systems and many spare parts for gas stations.
WANGYE, under the name of TIGER, is one of the most famous Chinese manufacturers of motorcycles and scooters since 1999. Now TIGER motorcycles are widely sold around the country and fully serviced by Lazoteein.
Lastly, Lazoteein also is a well known contractor and supplier of high tension and low tension electrical networks, with a respectable factory for producing concrete poles according to the utility standards, our poles factory is well established to produce more than 120 pole per day. Moreover, we supply all the network components starting from power cables and ending with the small accessories.
To assure quick response for diversified customer's applications, we, at Lazoteein, always keep sufficient stock from our products and spare parts for immediate delivery, so that we can support in satisfying urgent needs and reaching tight projects deadlines.
To keep our track toward customer satisfaction, we have had several facilities that grant our service quality. These facilities include our head office located at arkwit squ48 on africa street, Khartoum. And one branch office in portSudan. Besides, our warehouses in gabra area and garry freezone. Moreover, our maintenance teams are using both mobile workshops and the fixed workshop which is located in shahinat area in Khartoum.
Adding value to customer's business is our permanent goal, so we aim to build a long term relationship with you by granting the top level of satisfaction in each time you request us.
"Lazoteein powers your job"

Expertise and assets of the company:
The company has a factory for concrete pylons, with productive capacity at 150 pylons per day. The best technology that ensures quality of manufacture according to the standards of the National Electricity Corporation is used.
The company has a fleet of relevant machinery such as various lift cranes, drills, tractors, mixers, concrete pumps and electric vibrators that have very good performance

Expertise and assets of the company:
Supervision in electric, civil, mechanical and surveying engineering. Quality examination is carried out by engineers trained inside Sudan and abroad to ensure quality performance.
The technical team and the skilled laborers in the field of pylons casting, surveying, wiring and installation and operation of electric plants are among the best graduates of technical and vocational education. Thus the company contributed to a good extent to the qualification of new technical staff who have every reason to boast of their technical skills.







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